Thursday, December 24, 2009

What recession?

So this whole month of December should be renamed as: Shopping Month.
I haven't shopped like this in YEARS! I've shopped for clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, gifts, all through out the month. It's crazy!
First off, I've bought quite a number of apparel. Two new outerwear pieces, three tops, two new pants, two new shoes, and a number of accessories. And I still have a few left to buy from my wishlist O___O; [like leggings/tights and winter appropriate dresses].

Next, I bought my first [two] pairs of circle lenses, which I've been wanting to buy since summer of '06. I wrote a review before this post. Then other miscellaneous stuff here and there.

And then! I JUST bought stuff online ><;
First time buying BB creams. And Everyday mineral foundation in the full-size pans [plus their famous flat-top brush] and finally, I bought something from Ebay for the first time.
This month should also be named as: First-time month.

Sigh. Looking back to it... it really scares me that my family and I spent THAT MUCH this month. It's like, we're not even scared we're in a recession right now x__x;
And I STILL have to buy a new laptop. I mean, I need one this time. I've had mine for five years now, and when I bought it--it was already 2 years old.

I hope we don't get punished afterwards...

OMG!! finally...

After YEARS of consideration, I FINALLY bought my first pair of circle lenses [well I bought TWO pairs acutally]. I've known about them, ever since the whole ulzzang (sp?) craze started in Myspace. I've been intrigued by such a thing lol. After months of research and craploads of reviews on youtube and sites here at Blogspot, I finally got the courage to purchase them from PINKYPARADISE. If the link doesn't work, just google it and it'll show up. I was lucky to buy them during December, since they were having a promo: that every pair of lenses I bought, I in turn get a free lense case [which regularly costs around $3-4 if you purchase it separately]. Luckyyy~! They're so cute too! Animal cases that ranges from bears to fishies and they come in different colors too! I was hoping for a pink piggy and a green froggy, but I got a grey (or was it brown?) hippo and a purple elephant... which is okay. Better than nothing, right? :)

I chose to buy from them after reading and watching a ton of reviews online. I'm VERY PLEASED! I paid for express shipping which cost me $18.00 [which ships from 3-5 days]. Regular shipping is around $6.00 and takes 7-21 days. I couldn't wait that long so I paid quite a few more... But it was worth it! It came in just four days! Considering they're based from Malaysia. I ordered my circle lenses on 12/12, they shipped it on the 14th and I got them on the 16th! :) They have a wide variety of brands and different kinds of circle lenses. Most online sellers only supply GEO lenses. But this site has an impressive inventory. Most lenses are about $20. Some go up to around $25-30. But over all, their prices can't be beat. Other websites that provide a wide range of brands can cost twice the price ><; One main reason why I loved this site, is not only do they have a wide range of circle lenses, they also have the option to sell prescription which doesn't happen often.

I bought: G&G BT01 in Black with -5.50 prescription on both eyes.
[Sorry if my picture quality is bad ><;]

Here's what it looks like when I'm wearing it lol
It really does give that "doll-eye" look. I had to experience it to really understand it lol.

Here's the second pair I bought: GEO Angel Grey, plano (0.00) or no prescription.

I bought the grey pair in plano so I can wear it with my glasses. I thought it would stand out and make me look scary, but that's not the case at all. It's very natural-looking and the color is subtle. My mom actually said the grey pair looks more natural than my black one =___=;

Overall, my experience with circle lenses has been a great one. It stung at first, maybe because I haven't worn contacts since summer. And Pinkyparadise was a great choice to buy from them. I'm definitely repurchasing from the same place :)

*None of the products above were "sponsored." I bought them with my MOTHER'S hard earned money ><; And my brilliant review on Pinkyparadise is based fully on their service and collection of products.

finally posting pics!

Yeah, i know it took a LONG time to follow up on posting the pics =___=;
oh well, here they are...

The moment I saw this i fell in love. But I was afraid it wouldn't look good on me =3=
After a long time of just letting my craving pass, I finally committed and bought at my local Sally's. I really love the color. I'd paint my walls with this if I can LOL