Thursday, December 24, 2009

What recession?

So this whole month of December should be renamed as: Shopping Month.
I haven't shopped like this in YEARS! I've shopped for clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, gifts, all through out the month. It's crazy!
First off, I've bought quite a number of apparel. Two new outerwear pieces, three tops, two new pants, two new shoes, and a number of accessories. And I still have a few left to buy from my wishlist O___O; [like leggings/tights and winter appropriate dresses].

Next, I bought my first [two] pairs of circle lenses, which I've been wanting to buy since summer of '06. I wrote a review before this post. Then other miscellaneous stuff here and there.

And then! I JUST bought stuff online ><;
First time buying BB creams. And Everyday mineral foundation in the full-size pans [plus their famous flat-top brush] and finally, I bought something from Ebay for the first time.
This month should also be named as: First-time month.

Sigh. Looking back to it... it really scares me that my family and I spent THAT MUCH this month. It's like, we're not even scared we're in a recession right now x__x;
And I STILL have to buy a new laptop. I mean, I need one this time. I've had mine for five years now, and when I bought it--it was already 2 years old.

I hope we don't get punished afterwards...

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