Thursday, December 24, 2009

What recession?

So this whole month of December should be renamed as: Shopping Month.
I haven't shopped like this in YEARS! I've shopped for clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, gifts, all through out the month. It's crazy!
First off, I've bought quite a number of apparel. Two new outerwear pieces, three tops, two new pants, two new shoes, and a number of accessories. And I still have a few left to buy from my wishlist O___O; [like leggings/tights and winter appropriate dresses].

Next, I bought my first [two] pairs of circle lenses, which I've been wanting to buy since summer of '06. I wrote a review before this post. Then other miscellaneous stuff here and there.

And then! I JUST bought stuff online ><;
First time buying BB creams. And Everyday mineral foundation in the full-size pans [plus their famous flat-top brush] and finally, I bought something from Ebay for the first time.
This month should also be named as: First-time month.

Sigh. Looking back to it... it really scares me that my family and I spent THAT MUCH this month. It's like, we're not even scared we're in a recession right now x__x;
And I STILL have to buy a new laptop. I mean, I need one this time. I've had mine for five years now, and when I bought it--it was already 2 years old.

I hope we don't get punished afterwards...

OMG!! finally...

After YEARS of consideration, I FINALLY bought my first pair of circle lenses [well I bought TWO pairs acutally]. I've known about them, ever since the whole ulzzang (sp?) craze started in Myspace. I've been intrigued by such a thing lol. After months of research and craploads of reviews on youtube and sites here at Blogspot, I finally got the courage to purchase them from PINKYPARADISE. If the link doesn't work, just google it and it'll show up. I was lucky to buy them during December, since they were having a promo: that every pair of lenses I bought, I in turn get a free lense case [which regularly costs around $3-4 if you purchase it separately]. Luckyyy~! They're so cute too! Animal cases that ranges from bears to fishies and they come in different colors too! I was hoping for a pink piggy and a green froggy, but I got a grey (or was it brown?) hippo and a purple elephant... which is okay. Better than nothing, right? :)

I chose to buy from them after reading and watching a ton of reviews online. I'm VERY PLEASED! I paid for express shipping which cost me $18.00 [which ships from 3-5 days]. Regular shipping is around $6.00 and takes 7-21 days. I couldn't wait that long so I paid quite a few more... But it was worth it! It came in just four days! Considering they're based from Malaysia. I ordered my circle lenses on 12/12, they shipped it on the 14th and I got them on the 16th! :) They have a wide variety of brands and different kinds of circle lenses. Most online sellers only supply GEO lenses. But this site has an impressive inventory. Most lenses are about $20. Some go up to around $25-30. But over all, their prices can't be beat. Other websites that provide a wide range of brands can cost twice the price ><; One main reason why I loved this site, is not only do they have a wide range of circle lenses, they also have the option to sell prescription which doesn't happen often.

I bought: G&G BT01 in Black with -5.50 prescription on both eyes.
[Sorry if my picture quality is bad ><;]

Here's what it looks like when I'm wearing it lol
It really does give that "doll-eye" look. I had to experience it to really understand it lol.

Here's the second pair I bought: GEO Angel Grey, plano (0.00) or no prescription.

I bought the grey pair in plano so I can wear it with my glasses. I thought it would stand out and make me look scary, but that's not the case at all. It's very natural-looking and the color is subtle. My mom actually said the grey pair looks more natural than my black one =___=;

Overall, my experience with circle lenses has been a great one. It stung at first, maybe because I haven't worn contacts since summer. And Pinkyparadise was a great choice to buy from them. I'm definitely repurchasing from the same place :)

*None of the products above were "sponsored." I bought them with my MOTHER'S hard earned money ><; And my brilliant review on Pinkyparadise is based fully on their service and collection of products.

finally posting pics!

Yeah, i know it took a LONG time to follow up on posting the pics =___=;
oh well, here they are...

The moment I saw this i fell in love. But I was afraid it wouldn't look good on me =3=
After a long time of just letting my craving pass, I finally committed and bought at my local Sally's. I really love the color. I'd paint my walls with this if I can LOL

Friday, October 16, 2009


after months of speculating, I've finally bought "For Audrey" China Glaze nail polish.
I'll post pictures later <3

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

piinky poutt

So lately, I've been obsessing over pink lippies. There have been a plethora of Youtube gurus [mainly fafinettex3] showcasing adorable and inexpensive lipsticks in the sweet and doll-like pink hue.

Let's start off with NYX:
My faves are Thalia and
Strawberry Milk


Now onto Rimmel :]
Airy Fairy and Pink Champagne

And last would be Maybelline's new Color Sensational line:
in Pink Please

All feels very nice and smooth on the lips. I know to some of you, they all look the same [even I think so too] but I just can't resist these lippies. Most of the time I just alternate them each day for school. All of them look UH-MAY-ZING with the smokey eye. The warmer light pinks looks good with the purple-pink-frost smokey, while the nude-ier pinks looks best with the grey-black-silver smokey. With my skin tone, it doesn't look too drastic even if I wear it by itself and just mascara on. And all of them are around $5 each or less, so it's very affordable. [The Maybelline one was around $7-8, depending where you buy them] Others also count them as dupes for higher end lipsticks like MAC and Nars. Overall I'm pretty much satisfied with the quality of the colors and their staying power, well, as long as you don't keep drinking lol.

*I didn't post my own lipsticks because they're already used and wouldn't look too pretty to post.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

J9 where art thou?

SO i haven't blogged since january o___o;
sorry about that. being busy as a full time college student and all.
even took summer classes, so yeah didn't have time to blog about anything x__x
i'll try to blog more in here... try.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

bow oh oh oh

This top is more on the casual side
This is the whole masculine look, I was talking about
*sighs* I love plaid =]
I'd pair this with grey leggings and red flatsThese are just adorable
OMG! lace and bows
Only Blair Waldorf can rock this LOL