Saturday, January 24, 2009

bow oh oh oh

This top is more on the casual side
This is the whole masculine look, I was talking about
*sighs* I love plaid =]
I'd pair this with grey leggings and red flatsThese are just adorable
OMG! lace and bows
Only Blair Waldorf can rock this LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

lust for red.

I love red shoes.
Whether it's those oh-so-gorgeous, lovely, peep-toe pumps or those cute polka-dotted mary janes.
Even the red converse chucks give me *squeegasms* when I pass by them at the mall.
I've always wanted my own pair, but never get the chance to do so.
It adds a pop of color with any outfit, whether its with jeans and a blazer or any cute dress you can pair it with.
These babies would look so chic and stunning paired with your favorite "little black dress."
It's a little bit pin up but still very romantic.

Here are some I've been dying to buy

Friday, January 16, 2009


So during the holiday season, my friend and I checked out the MAC store at Townsquare (Las Vegas). I came in looking for a good foundation-concealer combo when the MUA asked me, "Do you wear anything on your lips?" Here I was deciding whether or not she gave me the right shade of foundation, then suddenly asking me about my lips? So I replied "I'm only wearing lip balm right now." She gave me an incomprehensible look then walked toward the Lipglasses. She then put on this icy princess-pink shade on my lips and said, "Ah! If only I had your lips I'd rock lipsticks and lip glosses all the time!" I did not take this as a compliment thus, not thanking her in return in time to acknowledge whatever she meant by that.

After I got home, I then tried to look at my reflection and focus on my lips. (BTW, I did not purchase her recommended foundation since it did NOT match my shade at all) I guess they're "plump" enough, round and full enough to be considered "cute lips" but I was never a fan of lipstick since it always overwhelms my face. If I were to wear those ruby red lipsticks, I would look like a clown (in my opinion).

But then it got me thinking... I should at least put some color into them and not let them look so drab and dull. I mean, every time I put makeup on, I always leave my lips bare. Just lip balm and a clear shiny lipgloss and I'm good to go. So I finally made my decision to give lipsticks and tinted lip glosses a try. I looked around and found beautiful shades that I'm actually very interested in... and eventually started to "crave" them!

NYX round lipsticks look pretty basic but has a beautiful wide variety of colors =]

that's just 6 out of .. gosh like 50? shades to choose from.

They also have their Black Label lipsticks
and their Diamond Sparkle lipsticks

I happen to "crave" these lippies because somehow they remind me of MAC in a way, but of course the quality of MAC products are incomparable. These are good enough cheaper alternatives (from $3.50-$7).

And for lip glosses? I've got my eyes on these yummy Jelly Balms by L'Oreal's H.I.P. for quite a while now.

(I heard that they're good dupes for MAC's Tendertones, which are discontinued)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Casual Wear;;

saturday hangout
saturday hangout by J9xstarrr

This would be another outfit I'd coordinated using Polyvore.
That site is addicting, I love putting together an outfit.
I really love black&white and grey, but I added some color into this with my two faves: purple and red; two very "rich" colors.
I named this "Saturday Hangout" since its a casual and fun look, don't you agree?


glam.grunge.girly by J9xstarrr

So that's what I basically end up with playing around Polyvore.
Since Prom season is in about two months or so, I got an idea to coordinate three different styles for an outfit.
My favorite is actually the "grunge" one, though its more of an Avril "punk" to be honest xD

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Style Crush <3

Blair Waldorf, my preppy fashion Goddess.
Queen B is my ultimate style crush! I've never admired someone for their style, attitude and beauty like her.
Blair might be a "b-word" but come on, you can't NOT love Leighton Meester's character in Gossip Girl.
Even though her style is general "preppy," she still has variety. From wearing neutrals to adding pops of color and even wearing colorful, bold prints she can still rock it =]
She has high-class style from head to toe. From her adorable head bands, preppy blazers, colorful, bright leggings, to her impeccable shoes; Blair Waldorf's style is flawless and tres chic!

To be honest, I would not be a fan of Gossip Girl if it weren't for the clothes.
Sure the whole Dan and Serena drama is full of suspense, Lily and Rufus are clearly still in love with each other,
Little J's character is getting more interesting since she hooked up with Nate, and I've always known that Blair and Chuck would fall for each other... but without the beautiful, gorgeous wardrobe in this show it would just be another teen drama on TV.

I'll admit that Blair isn't the only one that looks good in the show, every character has their own unique style.
Serena: urban, grungy, boho-chic, boob flattering (that's a nice way to put it, since she's always showing off her.. assets), a mirror opposite of Blair's.
Jenny: uhmm.. well her "personal" style didn't really come out until season 2 with the whole Jenny-wants-to-be-a-fashion-designer rebellious stage. Now she's more rock n' roll meets upper-east side princess, which is cute, I mean she still IS 15 yrs. old.
Vanessa: I honestly don't understand her style, sorry =___=
But I'll admit, it's admirable. In my opinion its more.. street fashion since she is from Brooklyn.

Now the boys,
Chuck: Is pretty much the male Blair. High end blazers, scarves, coats, pretty self-explanatory.
"Lonely Boy" Dan: Uhmm.. yet again, just like his sister Jenny, his style isn't really definitive. He pretty much sticks with the standard school uniform and not "jazz" it up like Chuck would do. He's pretty casual when going out, but still chic (I mean he's not a sweatshirt-and-jeans kinda guy). He still wears a khaki jacket and sometimes add a scarf in there, but he's pretty basic. He pulls the "college guy" look.
Nate: He's so cute. He pulls off more of a jock look. Those preppy upper east side "athletic" look. He'd wear a sweater cardigan and a button down shirt underneath or a polo shirt and some slacks. Fits his character.

I just love watching Gossip Girl. 87% of the time I just watch what they're wearing, I even have to rewind it again to know whats going on since I'm too distracted looking at their wardrobe instead of really watching the show LOL

I definitely have a major fashion crush on Blair Waldorf. Isn't she just stunning?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fredflare is my new BFF !!

[haha. the hamburger phone from Juno]


[*gasp!* Holly Golightly sleep mask?!]

[boho-chic peacock feather bangle]

[i heart zebra !!]
[lovely rose rings]

[*swoon* heart-shaped glasses. classic <3]

I express TOO much love for
I stumbled upon it one day and ever since then, I can't get enough of this site.
It's so.. retro, it's fabulous!
They also have apparel for both men and women, shoes, some makeup... and a lot of random cute things.
I just want to *glomps* who ever owns that site.

I've found and been on other similar sites, more focusing on clothes and shoes.
I guess I'm into wacky, fun, stuff like these =]

First Crave;;

[Sony] VAIO CS series in Cosmopolitan Pink

Arghh!! I'm sooo in love with this laptop. I've been oogling it for months now.
I just love how cute and yummy it looks, yet still very sleek and sophisticated.
I also like the white one, but this is such a charmer.
I just love to imagine myself flaunting this adorable (yet VERY functional) accessory.