Friday, January 16, 2009


So during the holiday season, my friend and I checked out the MAC store at Townsquare (Las Vegas). I came in looking for a good foundation-concealer combo when the MUA asked me, "Do you wear anything on your lips?" Here I was deciding whether or not she gave me the right shade of foundation, then suddenly asking me about my lips? So I replied "I'm only wearing lip balm right now." She gave me an incomprehensible look then walked toward the Lipglasses. She then put on this icy princess-pink shade on my lips and said, "Ah! If only I had your lips I'd rock lipsticks and lip glosses all the time!" I did not take this as a compliment thus, not thanking her in return in time to acknowledge whatever she meant by that.

After I got home, I then tried to look at my reflection and focus on my lips. (BTW, I did not purchase her recommended foundation since it did NOT match my shade at all) I guess they're "plump" enough, round and full enough to be considered "cute lips" but I was never a fan of lipstick since it always overwhelms my face. If I were to wear those ruby red lipsticks, I would look like a clown (in my opinion).

But then it got me thinking... I should at least put some color into them and not let them look so drab and dull. I mean, every time I put makeup on, I always leave my lips bare. Just lip balm and a clear shiny lipgloss and I'm good to go. So I finally made my decision to give lipsticks and tinted lip glosses a try. I looked around and found beautiful shades that I'm actually very interested in... and eventually started to "crave" them!

NYX round lipsticks look pretty basic but has a beautiful wide variety of colors =]

that's just 6 out of .. gosh like 50? shades to choose from.

They also have their Black Label lipsticks
and their Diamond Sparkle lipsticks

I happen to "crave" these lippies because somehow they remind me of MAC in a way, but of course the quality of MAC products are incomparable. These are good enough cheaper alternatives (from $3.50-$7).

And for lip glosses? I've got my eyes on these yummy Jelly Balms by L'Oreal's H.I.P. for quite a while now.

(I heard that they're good dupes for MAC's Tendertones, which are discontinued)

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