Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fredflare is my new BFF !!

[haha. the hamburger phone from Juno]


[*gasp!* Holly Golightly sleep mask?!]

[boho-chic peacock feather bangle]

[i heart zebra !!]
[lovely rose rings]

[*swoon* heart-shaped glasses. classic <3]

I express TOO much love for fredflare.com
I stumbled upon it one day and ever since then, I can't get enough of this site.
It's so.. retro, it's fabulous!
They also have apparel for both men and women, shoes, some makeup... and a lot of random cute things.
I just want to *glomps* who ever owns that site.

I've found and been on other similar sites, more focusing on clothes and shoes.
I guess I'm into wacky, fun, stuff like these =]


  1. HAMBURGER PHONE! lmao, reminds me of Juno, and nice blog <3

  2. I just realized you already wrote the Juno thing -.- lmao, and Fred Flare is cute!